All the Information You Need To Apply For the Australian Tourist Visa from India

Planning to visit Australia with friends or family? The Australia tourist Visa is ideal for short time visitors and the travel industry to Australia. One of the world’s most remarkably lovely nations, Australia has a lot to offer to each guest. It takes into account various kinds of visit visas dependent on your motivation for visiting.

In this article, you will be learning about how to get Australia tourist Visa from India and will have a brief description of it so stay tuned. First and the most important of all you have to understand what type of visa you need; there are 3 major sub-types of visitor visa for Australia:

  1. Tourist Visitor Visa: Somebody visiting Australia for touring, relaxation, and amusement or to meet loved ones. You can apply for this from outside or inside Australia.
  2. Work Visitor Visa: This Visa is for the business persons who are making short trips for any meetings, or any occasions. This can be applied outside Australia.
  3. Family Visitor: For relatives outside Australia who are supported for a visit visa by an Australian native or Permanent Citizen.

Now, as we have discussed the 3 major types of visitor’s visa there are also some key points for the visa applicants to remember:

  • You can’t work at this visa in Australia.
  • This visa enables you to travel and remain crosswise over Australia.
  • The visa is normally issued for a period between three months to one year.

Let’s head to the formal and official documents requirements to get Australia tourist visa from India:

  1. Original and valid Passport for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the visa, with minimum three blank pages at the passport.
  2. Confirmed return air tickets with proof of hotel stay, check-in, and check-out dates.
  3. Recent passport size photographs were taken against a white background.
  4. Previous 6 months’ salary slips duly attested with original leave letter from the employer.
  5. Health certificate issued by a designated medical official.
  6. Income Tax submission papers showing transactions from the last 3 years.

These are the basic requirements that need to be met before planning any trip to Australia. Get all the kinds of stuff up-to-date and visit Indian Embassy to fill out your token for Visa. Once all your official work is done from this side you can go to the Australian Embassy and get the entire job done and get your Visa ready. Please remember for your safer travel don’t carry any liquor, sharp objects, Drugs or any objectionable kinds of stuff with you as both the sides are very strict about these things. Have a safe travel to Australia and if you have any doubts or suggestion regarding this topic then feel free to reach out to us, just fill out the contact form and throw us a message. We will surely help you get the solution.

Hope the blog has covered all the points on Australia tourist visa from India and has also educated you on how to get the visa. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thank You for reading.

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