How do you feel when you look in your wardrobe each day? Excited to get dressed or stressed?
How do you feel when you go shopping? Excited to shop or stressed?

What is keeping you from having a wardrobe that you love? For most people it is lack of confidence and knowledge about what looks good on them. In order to have a wardrobe filled with clothing that you love, that fits and flatters you, you need to know the basics. Many people do not give a thought to developing a Personal Style. A style, that once developed becomes easy to put together and you will be known for that look – Your Signature Look!

Looking and feeling great is as a result of 3 elements working in harmony.

• Knowing your most flattering colours
• Knowing your personal style formula
• Knowing what style of clothing will suit your body shape

Got those sorted? Now the next step is to organise your wardrobe so that getting dressed each day is exciting and so easy.

Coco Chanel put it best: “If a woman is poorly dressed you notice the clothes. If she is impeccably dressed you notice the woman”

Knowing how to work with all three elements will lead to confidence and greater self-esteem.

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Debbie Whittle is an image and business etiquette consultant. She enjoys working with companies and individuals to help them build their personal brand and in so doing, enjoy the success that confidence and increased self-esteem brings. When you know better, you do better and it is often the small errors in judgement in our dress or behaviour that do not allow us to grow and be the best that we can be.

‘Change your image, change your life’ is Debbie’s mantra because that is exactly what happened to her. After years of struggling to find clothes to fit and that reflected who she was on the inside, she had a consultation with an image consultant. That one visit changed her life! She could go shopping and not waste time trying on clothes that did not suit her and that did not further her image aim. She soon began to get compliments from friends, colleagues and the students that she taught. She felt confident for the first time in her life. She now loves helping others find what she did – confidence and increased self-esteem.

Let Debbie help you find YOU!

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